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Monday, 19 March 2012

Editor's Note: 2012

These posts were blogged in 2011, mostly on the day corresponding to when they were originally written in 1916. (highlights were tweeted via the @somme95 twitter 'handle')
They are reproduced as written and additional explanatory notes will be added to posts in 2012, as well as occasional copies of the original documents and other contemporary sources.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Personal Diary:September 11th 1916

Motored into Boulogne after lunch, dined at mony’s. Stayed the night at the Folkestone. The place was very quiet, everything closed down at 9pm. I went in in the car that goes weekly to change our cinematograph films. Met Wilding (Bde Genl 10th Bde) at the hotel, also Fenner and Nicholson of the 6th Rl Berks.

Personal Diary: September 10th 1916

Attended SWB church service. Went in to watch the polo in the afternoon, played one chukka. Took Gillan for a walk after tea.

Personal Diary: September 9th 1916

The enemy put about 50 trench mortar bombs into the Borders during the fog this morning, so after lunch we gave a hundred trench mortar bombs assisted by a 6” battery a 4.5” and two 18 pdr batteries, so they will think twice before they do it again. Bde Hd Qrs & the Borders & R Inniskilling fus were relieved by rest of 86th Bde after dark & went back into rest camp.

Personal Diary: September 7th 1916

Went round the trenches with Welch & Cookson, starting at 4.30am, the work the KOSBs did last night was rotten, their offiers are rather hopeless. A flight of about 17 of our aeroplanes passed over us at 9.30am heading for Germany, they got well peppered, but I did not see any hit. There have been one or two airfights above here lately, in every case the Bosch has bolted precipitately. The Bosch were firing big mortars away on our left at dusk.

Personal Diary: September 8th 1916

The SWB and KOSBs were relieved by the 86th Bde after dark and went back into rest camp near Poperinghe.

Personal Diary: September 6th 1916

Walked all round the outside of Ypres before breakfast. General Hotham and Col West (20th Divn Art) came in to say goodbye. Fine sunny day which helped to dry things up a bit. More shelling than usual.

Personal Diary: September 5th 1916

Collected some more tiles out of Ypres before breakfast. After breakfast a pasan came in who knew something about tiles and said none of them were any good. A good deal of rain during the day. Our own artillery is coming back to us from the Somme & the 20th divn art. Is going to take their place there.

Personal Diary: September 4th 1916

Went round the trenches with De Lisle, he was quite pleasant. Started 6am got back at 10.30Am. Bayley dined and slept. Wind still unfavourable to get rid of our gas. A little rain in the afternoon.

Personal Diary: September 3rd 1916

Everything very quiet here of late. Before breakfast searched Ypres for glazed tiles.