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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Letter to Mother: 25th June 1916

My dear mother
We are getting very noisy in our parts, otherwise everything is quiet at present.
We had a very heavy thunderstorm 2 days ago, the rain came down in torrents for about an hour and flooded the trenches in one or two places. 

I believe I have had a touch of hay fever last week for the first time in my life.I saw Roger rand again for a few minutes the other day looking very flourishing.

Our present abode is about 22ft underground and rather damp in consequence, though we get plenty of air, and a good deal of light.

I hope Raymond got through his operation all right today an is quite cheerful again. It will take a good deal of digging to reach his appendix.

Please send all my sadlery down to Raban to look after.
Your loving son

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