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Friday, 22 July 2011

Letter (re-discovered, out of sequence): to Mother - July 17th 1916

My dear Mother
Gwynne, bishop of Khartoum, an old friend of mine , was here today conducting the morning service;  we had a special prayer for the dead and another for all our people at home asking that it should be made as easy as possible for them to bear their grief. You mustn’t let Kitty worry about it, as it is only one in a million who succumb to an operation of that kind. Will you tell Dolly that I should like some small thing of Raymond’s that he used to carry about him or always used, as a keepsake. 

I have a very fair chance of getting back on leave about the 7th or 8th of August, but of course leave just now is very uncertain.

Keep as cheerful as you can and go away with Father for a holiday somewhere for a fortnight. I’m sure it will do you both good.

Will write again when we get settled down behind
Your loving son

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