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Friday, 1 July 2011

The Story of the 29th Division: Quote

'The Story of the 29th Division: A record of gallant deeds' 
Captain Stair Gillon
published by Thomas Nelson (First Edition published 1925)


'...the 87th had no better permanent success. The RIF did succeed in penetrating the first line. Their steadiness in crossing NoMan’s Land was that of troops on parade. But though on the right the trenches were crossed by portable bridges, in the main the wire proved a complete obstacle. The same applies to the SWB. The effort of the first line of assault was in vain. The reserves meanwhile suffered from the enemy’s gunfire sans coup ferir, and it was a damaged mass of troops who at 7.35 clambered over the trenches of the KOSB and Borders. With the exception of a few of the leading sections of the latter, the second wave did not reach the first. The 87th Brigade was practically knocked out…the 87th Brigade had the heaviest loss – over 60% of its available strength…'

This is taken from one of CHTL's 2 copies of the First Edition of the Divisional History.

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