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Monday, 1 August 2011

War Dairy Entry: July 30th 1916

Started off in a car for Ypres at 5.30am with Fuller and Gillon, and went round the trenches of the 71st bde which we are taking over on the night of 1st/2nd. The Bde Major 71st Bde took us round. The trenches are very bad, as the line runs along the low ground and water stands 1’6” below the surface. You have to build up breastworks which the Bosch continually knocks down. In several places he looks into the back of your trenches. We got back about 9.30am Went over to the 6th Divn hd qrs after lunch as De Lisle had a conference. Our divn hd qrs are living with the 6th Divn at present & take over from them tomorrow or the next day. Dined with Walsh at 6th Divn hd qrs Evans was there, he is GSO2 to the divn.

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