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Monday, 23 May 2011

War Diary Entry: 22nd May 1916

Attended lecture and demonstration by RE on revetting and trench drainage at 9.40am to the Borders and Inniskillings. Afterwards rode over to Mailly Wood to see the KOSBs who are now isolated because of some cases of fever. After lunch we had another demonstration here with a banglaore torpedo and the consolidation of a captured trench. At 8pm we had a concert for the men, assisted by the divn band in our grounds, which was quite a good show. About 20 officers came into supper afterwards. There was thunder about all the afternoon and a few drops of rain. 
Pollard went home invalided yesterday morning and Ellis, who has just returned from command of divn school took over command of the Borders. Handress Lloyd returned from leave yesterday and took over command of the Inniskillings till Pierce returns; he is to be permanently appointed 2nd in command. Welch turned up last Thursday, stayed the night with us and took over command of the KOSBs in Mailly Wood on Friday. Kelly then went home on 4 days  leave and on return is to command the 1st Essex, this relieves Micklejohn (Borders) who has recently been commanding that battn; he rejoined the Borders on Sunday as 2nd in command, and went off home on 8 days leave.

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