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Saturday, 28 May 2011

War Diary Entry: 28th May 1916

The 87th Bde relieved the 88th Bde in the right sector. The 88th took over the left sector from the 86th and the 86th went back into reserve. The KOSBs are still isolated in Mailly Wood and were not allowed to move up into Englebelmer. So the Border Regt took over from both reserve battns of the 88th. The SWBs took over the left of the firing line, the Inniskillings the right. Briand went over to the 92nd Bde for 10 days, changing over with their Bde Major  Fisher who came to us. Pringle went off to be attached to the 88th Bde. Perse from one of the battns in the 86th arrived to be attached to us. Practically the whole relief was carried out by daylight and went off without incident.

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