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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

War Diary Entry: 12th June 1916

Went round the trenches at 5.30am. The rain started again as soon as I got back about 9am. The trenches were extraordinarily dry considering. Welch came to lunch. Rode into Acheux in the afternoon. De Lisle went into Marieux for a Corps conference. I went in with him and took the car on to see Kelly at Gezincourt. He has turned the corner and is miles better.
Nicolls (De Lisle’s new ADC) came with me. We bought some papers in Doullens and picked De Lisle up on the way back. Heard this is not the Russians main push but that the real one starts tomorrow around Riga. They have no gun bigger than a 6” down south. Our attack has been put forward as French nervous about Verdun.

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