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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Letter to Mother: 11th June 1916

My dear mother
The Russians have made a good start if they can only keep it up. I believe this is not their main push. The weather has been foul this week, everything deep in mud. Chamberlayne sufddenly turned up here the other morning and stayed to lunch, I hadn’t seen him for year; he was just as cheerful as ever; he is quite close here now. We have just got an issue of cheap spring rat traps, and set three in the loft above my bedroom. We caught 17 during the course of the evening and could have got many more if we had the energy to keep resetting the traps. Twice we caught 2 in one trap.

Please send me out another pair of boots, I think I sent or brought a pair home from Egypt, anyhow I want an old pair of square toed greased boots, and not my ordinary polished mufti boots.

The parcels post is a little disorganised at present, they take a good many days coming. I got a pair of socks from Mrs Arthur James yesterday as a token of her affection. Tell Dorothy to push along with the books, and send a t least a couple each week.

I got a note from Archie the other day asking me to assist him in getting an inspectorship in the Qr.Mtr Genls Branch, but of course I can do nothing as I don’t know anyone at home. It is only when he gets out here that I can be of use.
Your loving son

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