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Sunday, 3 July 2011

War Dairy Entry: 3rd July 1916

It was the intention at one time to withdraw the 29th Divn into reserve to recoup, but it has now been decided to withdraw the 31st instead.The 4th Divn are taking over the 29th Divn line as far up as Broadway, & we are to hold from there to the Ancre, the 88th Bde on the left & 87th on the right, 86th bde in reserve in Englebelmer. 
De Lisle came up this morning and I went all along our frontline with him. On the right down by the marsh the trenches are blown about a good deal & trees are lying across them in several places, on the left they are not so bad, but all the trenches want deepening, revetting & traversing. The Germans again bombarded Thiepval Wood once or twice, & seemed to be putting in some gas shell. It is just across the Ancre above our hd qrs so we get all the benefit of the noise, but very few of the shells. All our machine guns are laid on the Bosch trenches in front of this wood. We are being left entirely alone by them at present.

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