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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

War Dairy Entry: July 6th 1916

The Inniskilling patrol which went out to capture the machine gun last night found that it had been removed and came back empty-handed. The parties out digging the trench last night had a fairly rotten time, I gather, the trench is nearer the German line than our own by a good deal. They made a lot of noise getting out and brought on gun and rifle fire. I was up in the trenches early this morning and saw pools of blood in places, they also don’t appear to have got down very deep, judging from a distance. You cant get out to it by day. 

It was quite quiet everywhere while I was going round. The men looked very tucked up; going round the trenches this morning I spoke to one man in the SWB who was partly insane, and later on I passed a man in the Borders throwing a fit. This is not to be wondered at as on the 1st the Bde had about 2150 casualties and most of the men have been under heavy shellfire for 13 days. 

There has been the usual noise going on round here all day. Monkhouse turned in to lunch, they are going to make him a brigadier. Raikes and Perse went round the reserve trenches this morning to see if they could find some place to put the SWB. A draft of 200 has arrived for the brigade, so that the SWB can now be withdrawn from the firing line. They found some RA quarters which have just been evacuated N of Mesnil which will easily accommodate their 250 men.

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