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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Letter to Mother: 21st May 1916

My dear Mother

Tell Dorothy to continue sending out 7d books; I should also like a couple of thin shirts and drawers (linen if there are any) sent out with the next parcel. We are having perfect weather again now and are having an easy in the chateau. I attended a large gathering yesterday about 25 miles away, everyone was there from all over the place., including lots of people I hadn’t seen for years. We had a very good lunch afterwards, and a very pleasant drive there and back, on the way back we looked in at another small demonstration, and brought a few people on to tea here, where we found the divisional band playing in our garden. Roger Brand and Guy Sawyer came and looked us up just before we moved back here. Jack Brand left on leave three days ago to get married. Everyone seems to be going home to get married just now.

I got a letter from Graham telling me about Archie, and seems very doubtful about his getting a commission.

All the pink and white may and horse chestnuts are in full bloom everywhere now.

Your loving son

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