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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Letter to Mother: 9th April 1916

My dear Mother, 

We are having a quiet time here, and the flowers and fruit trees in our back garden are looking quite nice, all the anemones and small yellow flowers in the wood and orchards are out. A paragraph in the official despatch in the papers of the 8th refers to us, and was unpleasant while it lasted.

The man who took the photos of our staff college trip came to see me the other day. I have seen all sorts of people here lately which makes it rather pleasant. They dropped a couple of bombs on us this morning one fell against the wall of the house we recently moved out of, but only smashed most of the windows, the other was a most indifferent shot. Roger Brand was in to tea yesterday looking very fat and well, I haven’t seen him since I left school. Please order a refill for our orilux electric torch made by J H Steward 406 Strand to be sent out to me; also tell Hales that I am not in a field artiIlery brigade and I want my papers addressed properly. It has turned colder again now. I should like to have seen the garden the day after the blizzard.

Your loving son


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