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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Letter to Mother 3rd April 1916

My dear mother, 

We got across all right without any trouble on the night of the 29th. On arrival (about 10pm) we found a car waiting for us, so we started off at once. I got to my billets at 1.30am to find the brigade was marching at 7.30am so I didn’t get much sleep. We marched about nineteen miles that day, and got into some very uncomfortable billets where we stayed until yesterday, all the men were in canvas huts, we got a fairly good farm to live in. Yesterday we did another longish march and are going into the trenches. Our head quarters are in quite a good house. There appears to be a good arrangement here, we don’t shell their village as long as they don’t shell ours. 
The line is very quiet except for one small bit of ours that they object to. We shall not be in for very long, and then out again for a rest.

The weather at present is perfect, warm sunny days. 

Love to everyone. 
Your loving son, Cuthbert

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