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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Letter to Mother: 8th May, 1916

My dear Mother

I went in yesterday to a certain town some distance off to attend a concert for wounded French and English soldiers got up by the French. On arrival (a few minutes late) we found the house full up. However the Corps Commander happened to arrive at the same moment and he took us into his box. It was quite a good show. It began at 1.30pm and we had to leave when it was about two thirds through after 5 o’clock. They were all star performers, with two or three acts from operas etc.

Otherwise the week has been dull. We are still up in the trenches, and a little mild bickering is going on. 

The rats over my bedroom are in the pink of training, they are all out the whole night going for all they are worth. In the morning the bed is alwys covered with oats they kick through the ceiling. I wish they would get a big shell among them when I am out to quiet them down a bit. 

It has turned poisonously cold again today just as I have started summer underclothes, there was hail at intervals. This village is in a mass of orchards all round and they are really looking very nice just now.

You will feel very lost without the car. I wonder whether Peggy will return, if so she had better come out here.

Love to all
Your loving son

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