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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Letter to Mother: 4th June 1916

My dear mother
We have just got all sorts of rumours of a naval battle, in which we appear to be 2 dreadnoughts to the good in the lists of ships lost. I expect there will be something about it in today’s papers. There is still nothing doing, and everything fairly peaceful here. There were a number of small eruptions last night but none of them affected us. I am up again with the 3 old ladies. The weather has changed again and is a bit uncertain with an occasional shower. The trenches are paved with live beetles eating dead mice or live mice eating dead bettles and an occasional dead rat to keep them company.
Cecil’s concert appears to have been a great success from her acoount of it. Where is Archie stationed at present, I daresay he will be sent out to do clerks work, without much military training,  as they seem to be replacing trained soldiers at those sort of jobs as much as  possible now. I have read all Merrimans books, I think. I should like to take the partridge shooting all round there for next Sept, the place is thick with nesting birsds.
Best of love to everyone
Yr loving son

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