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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

War Diary Entry: 7th June 1916

Went round the trenches at 5.30am. They were putting some 5.9 shell on Gabion Avenue at about 7 minute intervals so I hit off an interval. They kept on for some time shelling both ends of it. Overy & Armstrongcame in after breakfast on their way up to the trenches. I was going in to see Kelly this afternoon but got a message from the doctor to say noone could see him but that he was going on splendidly. The Borders relieved the SWB and the KOSBs the RIF this afternoon. The RIF went into Bde reserve and the SWB divn. Reserve. About 3 days ago when they shelled the battery at this end of Gabion Avenue they fired 104 5.9 HE shells and the only casualty was one mole.

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