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Friday, 10 June 2011

War Diary Entry: 10th June 1916

Went round the trenches at 5.15am. They started putting a few big shells about Constitution Hill at 6.30am, and kept on, with trench mortars as well, all day. The divn promised to send a car for me at 3.15pm to go over to Gezincourt and see Kelly, but it did not turn up till about 6.30 when it was too late. Bayley & Handress Lloyd came in to tea. The Germans did a raid on Thiepval Wood starting about 11.30pm. They shelled Mary Redan and away down to our right very heavily for about an hour and a half. The KOSBs in the Redan only had one killed and 5 wounded. We have just got an issue of rat traps, we set three in the loft above my bedroom (the ordinary spring wire that comes over onto a board). We spent most of the the evening removing the victims and resetting the traps. The bag was 17. Twice we found 2 caught in the same trap.

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